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Hummingbird Lake

Hummingbird Lake - Emily March Much better than the first book.

I love Colt. He is unsatisfied with his job and comes to Eternity Springs to unwind. There he meets Sage, a wounded woman and he is instantly attracted to her. His job and the realization that what he feels for her is much deeper and longer lasting than a fling, makes his decision to move to Eternity Springs easy. He is so playful, gentle and patient with Sage.

Sage has gone trough a terrible experience that scarred her deeply. She has nightmares, and is suffering from PTSD. She is not ready for relationships and everything that comes with them, but she can't resist Colt. The scene when she admits that loves him is heartbreaking. And like Colt isn't enough to deal with, her estranged sister shows up trying to fix their relationship.

I like the fact that even though it was incredibly hard for her she tried (unlike the hero from the previous book who ran away) to come to support Colt when his niece was injured. They are friends as well as lovers. BTW I sypathize with Snowdrop and the indignities she was submitted to. :-)

But one part toward the end of the book seemed kind of rushed & unnecessary the shooting and the fact that she had to save an evil man.


4.5 stars.