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The Heartless Rebel

The Heartless Rebel - Lynn Raye Harris Jack Wolfe - a financial whiz who always manages to come on top of every game, be it stocks or poker. He was the Wolfe sibling who had to take care of his family, after Jacob, and then Lucas walked away. Although one thing confuses me. It is mentioned that he was sixteen when that happened, is it even possible that a teenager is left in charge (are there any laws about it)? Anyway, he is still bitter about it. Of course he blames Jacob for everything.

Cara found herself in a similar situation. After hurricane Katrina, her father walked out, and she was the one who worked hard and sent money to her family. She goes to Nice for one reason, so that she could cheat while dealing, so that Jack could loose. Her honour steps in the way, and when she flees the city she goes with Jack. And there our story begins.

The plot & Jack were rather good, but I had big issues with Cara. She was okay in the first half of the book, but later she was pathetic, and acts so surprised that everything isn't going the way she wants it to, even when she had her head buried in the sand the entire time they spent in London. I have no idea what she expected, that Jack would miraculously fall in love with her and she would suddenly fit in his glamorous world? She is the biggest reason for the book's low rating.

It would've been nice if Jack managed to fix his relationship with Jacob, but that could happen it Jacob's book, and it didn't bother me that much.


2.5 stars.