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Forgotten Daughter

Forgotten Daughter - Jennie Lucas An incredibly frustrating story.

Stefano is a horse breeder who owns a stud farm in Spain. He was poor when he was young, and he managed to become a really wealthy man. He is a playboy. He decided he was going to seduce Anabelle even before she arrived, since she will be a challenge. A quote from the book:
The world’s number-one stud farm, the current joke went, is owned by the world’s number-one stud.

Are you serious?

Anabelle Wolfe - we've heard a lot about her from the previous books. She has scars from the night her father died, both physical and emotinal. She is insecure, and afraid of loving anyone, since she was burned a few times.

Both of them were incredibly dramatic:
“Never,” she spat out. Her eyes glittered at him in the moonlight. “I don’t care how charming or sexy or powerful you are. I’m no man’s one-night stand.” She lifted her chin. “You’ll never have me, Stefano. Never.”

And Stefano, after she sprains an ankle and he has to carry her:
“No more arguments,” he growled. “Now … you are mine.”

There are a lot of similar examples.

Some people may like it, but for it was nearly unberable. The only reason I finished the story is because I want to read Jacob's story, and I have to read series in order.


1 star.