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The Lone Wolfe

The Lone Wolfe - Kate Hewitt A pretty good ending to the series.

Jacob Wolfe. He was the one who finally managed to stop William Wolfe (by accidentally killing him, but still). He had carried the guilt with him for the last 20 years. He managed to make a life for himself as a successful architect. But he is so withdrawn from life. Control is important but not to the measure he takes it.

Mollie is the daughter of the gardener that took care of the Wolfe Manor. She spent most of her childhood trailing behind the Wolfe siblings wishing that she could belong. She also had a girlhood crush on Jacob. Now, twenty years later she has dreams of becoming a landscape designer. Jacob gives her an incredible opportunity to prove herself - she only has to restore the gardens.

I like the fact that both Jacob & Mollie have flaws, just like real people.

Jacob carries an enormous amount of guilt on his shoulders, and it affects him a lot. He kept hurting Mollie because he refused to confide in her, to share some of the burden. Mollie's flaw is jumping to conclusions and judging way too fast. but that just makes them human.

I love the way Jacob proposed to her, it was so romantic. And Jake & Jacob did come to terms in the book, just like I hoped they would.

The only thing that really bothered me is Jacob's epiphany at the end of the book. It was just too neat everything gets resolved in a dream, he gets rid of his fears just like that.


4.25 stars

About the entire Bad Blood series:

It was a nice series, with some good books, and some not so good. My favourite is [b:The Shameless Playboy|9800052|The Shameless Playboy (Bad Blood Collection)|Caitlin Crews|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51tcctOnNbL._SL75_.jpg|14690227], mostly because of Lucas, not even Jacob can outshine him, IMO. Summary: books 1-4 and book 8 are worth reading.

Rating of the entire series:

3.21875 stars according to my calculator. :-)