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His Virgin Acquisition

His Virgin Acquisition - Maisey Yates Elaine is desperate to get her father's company. Her father, still stuck in the middle ages, won't let her inherit or buy it. But she can get it as a settlement in a divorce. So she proposes a plan to Marco. Nice plan, if not for her attraction to him. Of course they end up in bed and she falls for him.

Marco was born to wealth but his father cast his mother and his siblings on the streets (that part I really don't understand, why would he do that, no reason was given). He took care of his brother when his mother abandoned them as well. And he managed to become the youngest billionaire in the world. Of course he is suspicious of everyone, after all everybody wants something.

First of all, I really don't get Marco's reasons for accepting the marriage, he just stands to loose a company. And his behavior after the surprise is irritating. He is no better during the book, but after that point he is insufferable. Elaine isn't any more likable, she was way too emotional for someone who came up with the coldhearted plan in the first place.

Still a decent read but I definitely prefer author's later books.


3 stars.