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Animal Magnetism

Animal Magnetism - Jill Shalvis Lilah is one of the owners of the town's kennel. She was called "white trash" while she was growing up. That made her leave Sunshine, Idaho to go to college in Las Vegas. Bad decision. Now she has a full-time job and is studying for a degree, while barely keeping her head above the water financially. But now, she is one of the most loved people in Sunshine, which Brady, our hero finds out the hard way. :-)

Brady grew up in foster system and as a result he is a loner who doesn't let anyone get close to him. He is a pilot and a photographer who came to Sunshine at his foster brothers insistence. He was planning to leave immediately, but Adam, Dell an ultimately Lilah changed his mind.

I love their relationship, from the funny first meeting, to the some rather painful confessions. The animals were great and sometimes threatened to steal the show, especially Twinkles.

I love the cover. The image of a manly man cuddling with a puppy is irresistible. :-) Check out the cover for the next book, it's just as good as this one:


Adam and Dell were great as well, and I'm looking forward to reading their stories. Dell is next by the way.


4.5 stars