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Marriage Made on Paper

Marriage Made on Paper - Maisey Yates One of the better HPs I've read.

Lily is a PR expert that Gage hired to improve his image. She worked hard to get where she is today. Since her mother was completely dependant on the man she dated, Lily stayed far away from men and she was never really tempted. And then she meets Gage.

Gage is a self-made millionaire who raised his sister after their parents forgot about her (!!!). He usually dates models, heiress, women who are in the spotlight, here's what Lily says about them:

You just tend to date women who can’t talk and walk at the same time without injuring themselves.

I like both Gage and Lily. I like the fact that he didn't try to seduce her into a fling , but let her decide and come to him. He was never cruel to her, and he respects her. Lily's fears are understandable.

BTW, both the title and the summary are misleading. They never intended to marry, it was just a strategy to turn the spotlight to Gage and away from his sister.


5 stars.