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Bound By Blood

Bound By Blood - Cynthia Eden Demons are attacking the members of paranormal community. Werewoles are managing to protect themselves, but vampires aren't faring that well. So, the alpha of the pack suggest a deal. If a vampire princess mates him that would make both of them stronger and the chance of prevailing in the battle better.

Morgan, the pureblood vampire is the sacrifice, if you can call her that. From the moment she meets her intended she is attracted to him, but there are some secrets she must keep for the good of her race. Of course, murder and mayhem have a way of destroying the best laid plans. Not to mention - love.

A good story, but everything happened way too fast - it would've made an even better novel where more time could be given not only to the relationship between Morgan and Jace, but to the action and the big battle. The twist and turns came too close together, I would have liked to see more of Morgan and Jace in a non life-threatening situation.

I do like both Morgan and Jace, and the chemistry is off the charts.

I really hope Cynthia Eden writes more stories set in this world, hopefully longer ones.


3.5 stars.