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Fangs But No Fangs

Fangs But No Fangs - Kathy Love Second in the Young brothers series features Christian, the bad guy from the previous book. Certain that he killed his brother's love he is bound and determined to change his life. He stopped drinking from humans, he is actually on a diet, and he has "12 steps to becoming human" to fulfill. The one thing he has problems with is connecting with humans. So when he hears a disturbance in the night, a woman asking for help, he interferes. From that moment on, he starts spending more time with Jolee, the woman he saved.

Jolee is working hard on changing her life. She grew up poor, and most of her siblings are either in jail, or headed there. But she wants something different in her life. Getting involved with Christian probably wouldn't be of much help.

My problem with the book is mostly Christian. The difference between the Christian from the previous book, and the one in this book is enormous, and in my case a bit too much. He went from the big bad vampire, to a one on a freaking diet, with no fangs.

His relationship with Jolee is OK, and I liked the way he treated her, but still, I wasn't impressed with him.

Jolee is better. Even though she is touchy about some things, mainly because of her childhood, she managed to work trough her issues.

And the reunion scene with his family could've been a bit more detailed, IMO it was a bit of a letdown after all of Christian's fears.


3 stars.