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Daddy with a Badge (Maternity Row, #5)

Daddy with a Badge (Maternity Row, #5) - Paula Detmer Riggs Rafe and Danni grew up together. They were friends, but then, when they were teenagers they fell in love. That didn’t end up well, mostly because of the class difference. He left, leaving Danni heartbroken.

Years later they meet again. Rafe is a FBI agent who’s investigating a con man who seduces women, marries them, and then robs them blind. Danni is one of his victims. Talk about fate.

This is my least favourite of the Maternity Row series. The story, the characters weren’t nearly as engaging as in the previous books.

Danni has way too much pride, and she had a few TSTL moments. Rafe is okay, but too stubborn, and a few actions of his were not so great like making Danni’s daughter a bait, come on.

There were some good things about the book. Rafe’s relationship with Lyssa, Danni’s daughter, for one. He really tries to win her over, earn her trust. His love for Danni’s unborn child, where he doesn’t even care who the biological father is. The Maternity Row gang. :-)


3 stars.