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Murdock's Family

Murdock's Family - Paula Detmer Riggs Cairn just got some really bad news. He has a piece of shrapnel in his head, and he has 2 options:

1. leave it in and sooner or later it would shift and kill him

2. take it out and become blind.

An alpha man that he is he can't stand the thought of being helpless so, of course, he chooses option 1. The one thing he wants to do before he dies is to see B.J., his ex-wife, and their daughters. He wasn't going to get involved, just watch them (that was a bit creepy), but fate interferes.

B.J. could use some help. She doesn't want to sell her trees to the local mills. That doesn't make her popular to the locals who need the jobs. It doesn't help that the mill owner is trying to stir thing up. When help comes in form of Cairn, she is hesitant to accept it. Their marriage ended when he choose his job as a Navy SEAL over their marriage. But she is a bit desperate and she accepts it. Of course all that forced proximity wrecks havoc on their emotions, and it sure doesn't cool the attraction between them.

Cairn is a wonderful father (even if his daughters aren't aware of the fact that he is their father), patient and incredibly good with children. He is also protective, but that is one of the consequences of his job. In this instance it was justified. And he didn't try to hide his feelings, from the children or B.J. .

On the other hand, his reasoning drew me nuts. He loves B.J. and the kids, but he is willing to die, and leave them alone, rather then have the surgery. A lot of people learned how to deal with blindness, and he wouldn't have been alone. He would have a loving family that would help him adjust. I wanted to beat him into a bloody pulp in the end. he actually lost sight in only one eye, so all that drama for nothing.

But, even with the negative sides, I liked the book. Paula Detmer Riggs is quickly becoming one of my favourite Silhouette authors.


3.5 stars.