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Born a Hero (Firstborn Sons)

Born a Hero (Firstborn Sons) - Paula Detmer Riggs
Elliot is not a happy man. Since he lost his wife and daughter in an accident 10 years ago he shut himself off from living. The only moment he felt alive was the nigh he spent with Kate, his sister’s best friends. He felt so much guilt the morning after he said some pretty unforgettable things to an innocent girl willing to give him anything he wanted, she loved him so much. Now, they are thrust together by an emergency in a small Mediterranean kingdom.

Kate is a successful surgeon, trying to make herself a bit more courageous, especially when it comes to relationships. She certainly doesn’t need Elliot, the only man she ever loved, around to make her test her newfound courage. While they are fighting to save as much lives as possible their attraction is going off the charts and the attraction is getting near impossible to resist.

Elliot is deathly afraid of caring for someone and losing them again. He tries to resist falling for Kate, but he fails. But one thing that he can’t allow himself is to care for a child, a child that he could lose. One of Kate’s dreams is having a child of her own. That of course creates friction.

I like the fact that even though both Kate and Elliot lose their temper they apologize later and that they can admit that they were wrong. Pride doesn’t rear it’s head in their relationship.

Little Alexa is the one that threatens to steal the heart of the reader. A girl who lost her father she has the entire hospital (if not the entire world) cheering for her recovery. It’s no wonder that even Elliot can’t resist her.

BTW, this is the first in Firstborn Sons multi-author series.


4.5 stars.