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The Bachelor Party

The Bachelor Party - Paula Detmer Riggs
Sophie is a woman on the run from law. Her husband was an abusive man and when he fell down the stairs and broke his neck Sophie was finally free. But, on her husband’s funeral she was arrested and later convicted for his murder. While in prison she had a baby. When she got out on parole she took her baby and ran away. She made her way to Clover, a charming small town. She settled in nicely, made a lot of friend and met Ford, a man she couldn’t help but fall in love. If only he wasn’t a cop.

Ford is happy with his life. Being a sheriff wasn’t his idea of a perfect job (he wanted to be an Air Force pilot), but after his parent’s deaths he was the only one who could take care of his sister Lucy. He did the responsible thing, found a job and did his best to be her parent. Because of his parent’s disastrous marriage he was sure he would never marry. And then he met Sophie and little Jessie and fell in love.

Throughout the book, Sophie was fighting hard not to care, knowing that that’s the last things she should do. When the truth came out she wouldn’t be the only one hurt. But Ford was patient, charming in his gruff way, and he seduced her.

I love the way Ford treats Jessie, it was obvious from the start that he loves her, and the fact that he thought of her as his was just icing on the cake.

The only thing that could’ve been more developed is the solution to the problem. we have Sophie turning herself in, and then the epilogue when they are getting married, with just a few short explanations of what happened.


4.5 stars.