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Firebrand - Paula Detmer Riggs
Judd and Darcy have a past. They more or less grew up together, and then 20 years ago they started to get involved romantically. Maybe they would’ve been together if it weren’t for Darcy’s father death. A death that Judd was to blame for. He left town, and Darcy, and stayed away for the next 20 years.

Judd carried the guilt around for most of his life. But he made a life for himself, at least professionally. He’s a firefighter in San Francisco, and he made sure nobody could become close enough to hurt him again.

Darcy is happy now. She has 2 beautiful daughters (incredibly cute), 2 more foster daughters and a good life. True, her husband died a couple of years ago, but she is not grieving so hard anymore. And then, at her uncle’s funeral she sees Judd again.

Both of them lived their lives for the last 20 years, and they are far away from two kids exploring something amazing that’s happening between them. Their relationship is great, and it’s obvious that they care about each other, even if they don’t see it, or admit it to themselves.

But again, there was a big jump from the last chapter to the epilogue. In the last chapter they have already said their goodbyes, Judd is planning to leave town – and then in the epilogue they’re blissfully happy and married for 6 months – come on. I know that he almost died and all but still


4 stars.