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Storm's Heart

Storm's Heart - Thea Harrison After the tragic death of her uncle, Tricks (or Niniane as she is called in this book, it was a bit hard to get used to thinking her as Niniane) is supposed to take the Dark Fae throne. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who really don't want that. Evidence: two assassination within 36 hours. Luckily Tiago is there to save her.

Tiago is a thunderbird Wyr who for some reason is acting really protective of Tricks. He's so grouchy and mean and I adore him.

He and Tricks are polar opposites, but they are perfect for each other.

I spent a lot of time debating the rating, going from 5 to 4 stars and then changing my mind. Firstly I would've gone easier on the book, if I didn't like Dragon Bound.


4 stars