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The Education of Mrs. Brimley

The Education of Mrs. Brimley - Donna MacMeans The premise of the book sounded promising, but I had some problems with the heroine.

Emma ran away from London and her uncle who wanted to sell her to the highest bidder. To get the job at the academy she had to lie and claim that she was a widow. A little unusual requirement, but she didn't hesitate. And then she found out the reason for it. She is to teach her students about the intimate side of the marriage. She found herself in a bad position. As a virgin she had no idea what to say. Thankfully there's Nicholas, a painter and a rake who's willing to teach her anything in exchange for posing for him.

Nicholas is a second son who wants to prove to everyone, especially his father, that he is a good painter. To do that he has to come up with a masterpiece. And Emma would make a magnificent subject.

Emma was just too much. I know that the debutantes were sheltered and naive, but she is simply unbelievably so. It's a wonder she even managed to get away from her uncle. I didn't like her at all. As a matter of fact I almost gave up on the book because of her.

Nicholas is a brooding artist and likable. Of course a bit too trusting as it turns out it bothered me that he just took his brother's word and went on his merry way, instead of asking to see the picture.

And I didn't really like the ending, too much drama for me.

It's a cute book, with a highly unbelievable plot. But if you can get past that and like that type of books you may like it better than I did. I usually need something more serious so that I could really enjoy the book.


2.5 stars.