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Sinful in Satin

Sinful in Satin - Madeline Hunter Celia spent the last couple of years trying to stay away from her past, namely her mother - a celebrated courtesan. She was trained to become one as well, but twhen a man she thought was going to propose marriage proposed something less honourable - she went away. She found sanctuary with Daphne and the rest of Rarest Blooms. But now her mother is dead and she inherited a house in London. A house she wants to use to help Daphne with the business, and a man.

Said man, Johnathan is actually a spy who needs to learn more about Celia's mother and her lovers, because there is a possibility she was selling secrets to the French during the war. If only he didn't start falling for Celia...

Johnathan did everything in his power to get accepted into his family. He is a bastard whose father died before he could acknowledge him, so he spent most of his life trying to prove that he does belong.

Celia is unusually pragmatic woman and completely aware of the way the thing work in 19th century England. Unlike some heroines from that time period she knows the darker side of life. But sometimes it looks she is too aware. Like Johnathan she is bastard, but she has no idea who her father is.

All in all, I liked the book, the feelings are real, and the obstacles are not so easy to overcome.

The only reason I deducted anything from the rating is because I don't like the plot where the hero is lying to the heroine, and in this case the reason is not good - he is investigating her mother for treason.

The rest of the Blooms and their husbands appear, as well as Castleford, who rides into rescue. He is definitely aware of his importance. :-)


4.5 stars.