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Dangerous in Diamonds

Dangerous in Diamonds - Madeline Hunter The last of the Rarest Blooms and my favourite.

Daphne is the most mysterious of the lot. We knew almost nothing about her. She would've been happy to let things go on for who knows how long when a duke interfered.

Castleford inherited the property on which Daphne lives from a cousin. He came to see it and to decide what to do. But from the moment he met Daphne his priorities shifted. Suddenly he spends more and more time on thinking about her and he isn't pleased by that.

I adore Castleford and all his personalities - the Tuesday one, the half-drunk one, and most of all the one he shows only to Daphne.

I have to say that I was extremely curious about Daphne's secret, and it wasn't a letdown.

The ending was perhaps a bit rushed, but it didn't bother me.


5 stars.