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Dangerous Curves

Dangerous Curves - Pamela Britton Lea and Blain have a history and not a good one, so she is surprised when Blain requests her to be the one to investigate the death of his friend and driver Randy. Not even sure that there is something suspicious she is pressured by her boss to accept the assignment.

Blain is pleasantly surprised when he sees Lea again and even more so when he realizes that he's attracted to her. But he is aware that they shouldn't get involved romantically, because after all he could be a suspect as well and it would definitely be against the rules to sleep together.

Everything gets even more complicated when the murderer targets Blain and Lea.

All in all I liked the book, the things about NASCAR that I learned, the interaction between the team members. The only thing that bothered me is the way that Blain acted in the end when Lea was paralized bothered me.


4 stars.