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In The Groove

In The Groove - Pamela Britton I like the plot - a lot. Sarah is a kindergarten teacher who thanks to her ex-boyfriend and a bit of Photoshop was forced to quit her job. Hearing that there are a lot of teaching jobs available in North Carolina she pack everything she has and embarks on a trip. However, when she gets there she can't find a job, so when she sees an ad looking for a bus driver she jumps on it. If only her new boss wasn't so attractive.

Lance is immediately attracted to Sarah. She is so different from everybody he usually meets, she doesn't see his money and fame as the only thing about him. She sees the man behind it. And she helps him be better on the track. He has had problems concentrating on the race, but when she's there everything is much better.

I liked Lance, and the whole idea of a famous and incredibly hot driver falling for someone normal, not a supermodel or someone like that. Again, a lot details about NASCAR are woven into the book, and that helped me understand the world of racing better.

My only problem was Sarah running away. I know that the lifestyle Lance leads is really different form what she's used to, but when you love someone, you take the good with the bad, and it's not like Lance ever did anything to show that he isn't in love with her, or that he's bothered by the fact that she wasn't a part of the racing world.

And Sarah relationship with her mother is one of the things that I can't classify as either bad or good. On the one hand the fact that they reconciled is great, but the rather sudden turnaround her mother had, had me a little confused, and was a bit unbelievable if you ask me.


4 stars.