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Total Control

Total Control - Pamela Britton Todd admits that he was wrong. Unknowingly he missed 2 meetings with little Benjamin, a kid who has cancer and whose wish was to meet his hero - the NASCAR driver. So he decides to do everything he can to make up for it. But the woman who accompanies Benjamin holds his attention as well.

Indi has dedicated her life to Miracles, a company that fulfills the wishes of kids with terminal illnesses. And her opinion of Todd is really low, how can somebody let down a kid? But then she gets to know him, no matter how hard she tried to avoid him, and starts to care for him.

I love Benjamin, he's such a great kid, so brave. And his relationship with Todd is remarkable. The way Todd started to love the kid, doing everything he can to help. And the race he won for Benjamin, the way he thought about the kid all the time was so heart-wrenching.

Todd is a great guy. Some of you may remember him as a rival to the hero of To The Limit. But he now recognizes that his feelings for Kristen weren't the real thing, that Indi is the right woman for him. I like him.

And my problem with the book is Indi. She hurt Todd a lot, and her issues are bad. I just can't seem to like any of Pamela Britton's heroines so far. They are mostly okay in the beginning, but the way they deal with pressure and their feelings just rub me the wrong way.


3.5 stars.