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Slow Burn

Slow Burn - Pamela Britton This is my favourite in Pamela Britton's NASCAR series.

Dana has just escaped from an abusive relationship and the last thing she needs is another man in her life. But when she won the contest and won a date with NASCAR driver Braden, she couldn't resist him.

Braden is incredibly gentle and patient and willing to wait for Dana to come to terms with her problems. But he is protective as well, and tries to help her.

I like both of them. They are great together. I was cheering for Dana all the time, she really wasn't treated fair. Her fiancée abused her and when she tried to go away from him, he first followed her, and then got her fired, destroyed her things. He really deserved what happened to him.

My only problem with the book is Dana's friend Alysa. I didn't like her from the start, but later on I hated her and it bothered me that Dana forgave her.


4.5 stars.