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In Pursuit of Miss Eliza Cynster

In Pursuit of Miss Eliza Cynster - Stephanie Laurens Eliza Cynster is at her sister's engagement ball when she gets a mysterious note.

Eliza's dress

The second she reads it she thinks it just might come from her hero, the one man that is meant for her. Unfortunately, it didn't. Instead she finds herself kidnapped and whisked away to Scotland.

Unlike her sister, she failed to escape on her own. Not only there's no Breckenbridge there, but they kept her drugged all the way. But she did manage to alert a gentleman she knew, or at least she thinks she did. A tiny problem: the said gentleman is a known, absentminded, scholar Jeremy Carling. Luckily, he did notice her.

So he mounts a rescue. Not everything goes according to the plan. In Eliza's mind the trip should've included a carriage


In Jeremy's mind it's more like this:


Oh, and did she mention that she's not the best rider. So now, they have no means of transportation, they have the laird and his minions on their heels, and they are stuck in the highlands.


I liked the book a lot. Much better than the first book IMO.

Jeremy is an atypical Laurens hero. Not a rake, or a man comfortable in violent situations, but a mild mannered scholar, who likes nothing more than to spend the day buried in Sumerian scrolls. But when the time came he did step up to the challenge. Of course, he did rather naively believe that everything will got the way that he predicted, but that's understandable.

Eliza is the quiet Cynster sister. She never wanted an adventure, but fate intervened. But when the reward comes in form of a gentleman that might be her hero, nothing is hard to do.

I like the fact that there is a lot of action in the book. From the escape (which I liked a lot), to the chase across the Scotland, and the dramatic fight on the cliffs, it suited my mood perfectly. But I also liked the quiet time that came afterward, when Eliza and Jeremy came to terms with their feelings. I really believe that they will be happy, and that the love has nothing to do with the adrenaline of their escape.

There are a lot of characters from previous Cynster and Bastion Club novels mentioned. If I understood correctly, Jeremy is the brother of a Bastion heroine. I liked seeing all of them (even though some names were unfamiliar).

All in all, a lovely book that I truly enjoyed.

And I'm more curious than ever about the laird and his motives in kidnapping Cynster sisters. I'm off to read The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae.


4.5 stars