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Hot On His Trail

Hot On His Trail - Linda Winstead Jones Nick Taggart certainly didn't expect to hear "Guilty!". After all, he's innocent and innocent men don't go to prison for life. So, when he hears the verdict he reacts without thinking and attacts a deputy, takes his gun and starts to run away. He would've failed if there wasn't a convenient hostage to take - a beautiful reporter Shea Sinclair.

Shea was just filling in for a coworker, the last thing she expected was that Nick would try to run away and take her! In the beginning she was doing her best to get away from him, but when she realizes that he's innocent she changes her mind, he needs help to clear his name. And so the adventure begins.

Nick is a man with a bad childhood who spent most of his life in Spec Ops, all he wants is a family and a house with white picket fence. That really shouldn't be that hard to get. He's attracted to Shea from the beginning, but he tries really hard to make her change her mind, to protect her from herself. He says some hurtful thing to her, but Shea always realizes why he's doing that. I like him a lot.

Shea has grown up with distant parents, but she had her 3 brothers, 3 dangerous brothers (I love Nick's reaction when she tells him). They are overprotective, but they love her, so she puts up with them.

Shea and Nick fall in love slowly, I like the time they spent alone, how they talked to each other, the complete honesty.

The reason for the rating is how the whole suspense plot tied up. Not the identity of the murderer, but how they found out.

I love their HEA, and Shea's brothers are awesome. I look forward to reading their stories.


4 stars.