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The Sheriff's Secret Wife

The Sheriff's Secret Wife - Christyne Butler I loved this book.

Racy is the girl from the "wrong side of the track", with two brothers in prison, two previous marriages and with a desire and the will to do better. She and Gage had a stormy relationship from the beginning, it didn't help that Gage's father the sheriff was constantly arresting either her father or her brothers. There wasn't much of a relationship for that matter - just a stolen kiss and years of snipping at each other. But when they met in Vegas they let go of the past and helped by alcohol they got married. But what happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?

Gage is the town sheriff now. After his father was killed on duty he left his old job and his dream of being a FBI agent and came back home to help his grieving mother and his siblings. He'd always been attracted to Racy, unwilling to admit it to anyone, but the feelings were definitely there.

I loved both Racy and Gage, their problems were understandabe, and when they jumped to conclusions or made mistakes they admitted it and apologized, not clinging to pride very much. Racy's dog Jack is great as well, especially in his role as a matchmaker.

I liked Lacy's brother Justin, a man who made mistakes in the past, but tries so hard to make up for them. I really want to read his story [b:A Daddy for Jacoby|9989556|A Daddy for Jacoby (Harlequin Special Edition)|Christyne Butler|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51XRbeYCCrL._SL75_.jpg|14884289].


5 stars