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The Cowboy's Second Chance

The Cowboy's Second Chance - Christyne Butler Maggie is a single mother, struggling to keep her ranch, the last thing she needs is to become involved with a man, even if that man is Landon the new cowboy she hired. She didn't have it easy. Neither her father nor her ex-husband appreciated her. And keeping her ranch is getting harder and harder with another rancher doing everything in his power to ruin her. She desperately needs help, luckily fate plays a hand and she finds the perfect man for the job.

Landon is a deeply scarred man. His wife and daughter died in a fire and he spent the last five years in prison (for manslaughter, they thought he had something to do with the fire). He is always alone drifting from town to town with only his horse G.W. with him. And he doesn't believe he deserves better. The only reason he stayed with Maggie is that G.W. was hurt (at least that's what he said to himself).

I like both Maggie and Landon, although Maggie had a few moments when she annoyed me a tiny bit, but it's understandable.

We meet some of Maggie and Landon's friends that will show up in the next book in the series The Sheriff's Secret Wife. I noticed that since I read the second book first, because I failed to notice that there is a series. I really hate that. But it was kind of funny to see Gage and Racy (h/h of the The Sheriff's Secret Wife) mention their Vegas trip. :-)

I can't exactly say why the book didn't get a 5 star rating, it simply didn't pull me in, not like the second book did.


4 stars