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A Daddy for Jacoby

A Daddy for Jacoby - Christyne Butler Justin Dillon knows he shouldn't get involved with Gina Steele. Not only is she an innocent, but her brother is the sheriff. And to an ex-con that is even harder to overcome. And then he meets Jacoby - a son he didn't know he had.

Gina is incredibly attracted to Justin. She really wishes that they could be together, but Justin made up his mind and doesn't seem willing to get involved with her. Since she's really smart she jumped grades and finished college earlier than her generations, there was always a big gap in ages between her and her classmates. As a result, she never dated much, and this thing she has with Justin is even more special than she thought.

Justin is doing his best to turn his life around. He messed up bad when he got involved with drug trade, but he paid his debt to society and now he just wants to live a normal life. Of course finding out you have a kid is not something that fits into his plan. But it's definitely the bes thing that happened to him.

I love Jacoby, he is definitely the best thing in the book. He's such a great kid. But his mother is a moron, the way she treated him is reprehensible.

Gina and Justin's romance is OK, but I had some problems with the last third of the book. Both of them acted weird, especially Justin. I know he has issues, but hurting Gina was unnecessary.

I liked seeing Racy and Gage again. And I'm looking forward to the next book in the series Welcome Home, Bobby Winslow.


4 stars