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Valentine's Fortune

Valentine's Fortune - Allison Leigh Bethany is a woman on the run. The last thing she needs is to get involved with a man - no matter how charming he is. And Darr Fortune is as charming as it gets. Maybe they would've went their own ways if it weren't for a freak snowstorm that trapped them together. During that time they started to care for each other, and to trust.

Trust doesn't come easily to Bethany, she's been betrayed by her parents, and being alone and pregnant makes it even harder. Darr is a sucker when it comes to women who need help. The reason he even moved to Red Rock was because he was trying to run away from memories of a woman he couldn't help. But this time it's different and he realizes that even if other people don't.

I like the fact that Bethany opened up, told him her secrets, but at the same time she wasn't just trying to get him to take care of everything. The bad thing was that she let that independence change her mind and influence her when it comes to Darr and his proposal, it was quite obvious that they were in love. And the confrontation at the end was a bit of a letdown IMO.


3.5 stars