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Deja You (Return To Troublesome Gulch)

Deja You (Return To Troublesome Gulch) - Lynda Sandoval Erin wasn't looking for love when she met Nate, all she wanted was to forget - just for a moment - the tragic event that shaped her life. Twelve years ago her soul mate Kevin died in a car accident and she lost their unborn child. She spent the last decade alone, not willing to risk her heart again. And then she met Nate. He was different, there was a connection between them from the start. She might have just let him go, if there wasn't a baby they created together.

The last thing Nate expected when he walked into a meeting in a small town, Colorado, is to see a woman that's been haunting him for months. And she's pregnant!

Even though this looks like a secret baby plot, I loved the book. For starters Erin did try to find him and let him know, but it was hard to do because she didn't even know his last name. And Nate did understand that and wasn't bitter or hurtful (after the shock wore of).

Nate is a good hero, loving, patient, understanding. Erin had some problems, mainly because she felt she was betraying Kevin by falling for Nate and having his baby. I like the fact she went and talked to Kevin's parents, it shows that she really accepted that Kevin's gone.

And that's when we come to my main problem. I would've liked to see Erin come to that conclusion more naturally that whole Kevin dream was weird, but other than that it's a great feel good read, even with the couple of moments that teared me up.


4.5 stars