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Break Out

Break Out - Nina Croft Rico is a vampire born in the 15th century. He's a mercenary with his own ship, with a strange crew, and he uses sex as a substitute for his darker cravings. Those cravings are the reason he got entangled with Skylar, it became known throughout the universe that he has a weakness for pretty women.

Skylar needs someone to help her extract a prisoner from a maximum security prison. Rico looks ideal for the assignment. If only she could stop fantasizing about him. There's just something about him that drives her in, no matter how much she wants to resist.

I like both Skylar and Rico, and Rico's crew is great as well.

The world-building is interesting. I haven't yet read a futuristic romance with vampires in them.

The only thing I don't like is the end. Some thing are left dangling. I know that there'll be a sequel, but it seems like we are being teased on purpose.


4 stars