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Plain Jane And The Playboy

Plain Jane And The Playboy - Marie Ferrarella The book has one of my favourite plots ever - a plain Jane gets swept away by a charming rake (playboy). :-)

Jane is not having a good New Year's Eve. Her longtime boyfriend just dumped her for a newer (and more beautiful) model. She's sitting all alone in a corner reading a book, when she hears this sinful voice. And it belongs to a handsome playboy - Jorge Mendoza.

Jorge didn't expect to feel anything for the little mouse hiding in the corner, after all he wouldn't have noticed her if it weren't for a bet. But there's something about her that makes him feel alive. And it all began with a New Year's kiss.

Jane is terribly insecure when it comes to her looks. Her mother, a beauty queen, always kept reminding her that she's not pretty. From the beginning she was never sure why he kept pursuing her - after all why would he want her when he could have someone much prettier, even with the bet she knew of, it still confused her.

Jorge is enchanted by her. She's so different from the other women he dated - she was smart, generous, innocent. Of course those were the reasons he had doubts, but his desire was far stronger than his conscience.

All in all, I liked the story, the only part that bothered me is the morning after they made love. Their reactions were off. And the ending felt just a little rushed.


3.5 stars