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In The Warrior's Bed

In The Warrior's Bed - Mary Wine, James Griffin Summary:

Cullen McJames will not have his honor sullied, certainly not by his clan's nemesis Laird Erik McQuade. So when McQuade tells the Court of Scotland that Cullen has stolen his daughter's virtue, Cullen steals the daughter instead.

Since his brother wed a fetching lass, Cullen's been thinking he too needs a wife. A marriage could end the constant war between the clans. And looking on Bronwyn McQuade but once has put her in his dreams for a week

But Bronwyn won't go quietly. She won't be punished for what she did not do. Nor is she eager to live among the resentful veterans of McQuade wars. And however brave and beautiful a man Cullen may be, he has much to learn about a woman's fighting spirit. But as Bronwyn will discover, he has much to teach her as well.

I like Cullen - he's an honorable Highland warrior that doesn't try to fight his gentler feelings. Also the fact that he wanted Bronwyn before he actually found out who she was made me feel better about the abduction itself.

Bronwyn is likable as well, she wasn't too stubborn when it came to admitting that she does in fact want Cullen. I like that she didn't just fall in line with his wishes, but did try to resist (although I'm not sure why exactly she wanted to, her home is not a nice place given that most of her family hates her).

Her father and brothers are complete villains there's not a single redeemable thing about them and I find that a bit too neat. Nobody is just that evil and greedy - I like it more when I can see something nice about them - it makes it more real.

I like seeing the couple from the previous book here as well as Sterling. And I really do wish we could get Bonnie's story (sister of the heroine of In Bed With A Stranger).


3.5 stars