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Now a Bride

Now a Bride - Mary Balogh It's a good addition to the series.

I enjoyed the 3 scenes about Jocelyn and Jane. I liked their book More Than a Mistress, and these snippets completed the story of their love. Especially the first two, the Proposal and the Wedding. I remember reading the book and being confused about the jump. I kept turning the pages expecting to find a missing chapter in which there would be an explanation. These stories filled in the blanks and I'm thankful for that.

The two stories about Ferdinand and Viola were OK, but since I didn't actually read their book No Man's Mistress, I wasn't interested in them. I have no idea why I didn't read it since I distinctly remember the beginning, but anyway, to somebody who did read it the stories would hold deeper meaning.

The epilogue was nice. I like the fact that we met the children (especially those of Angela and Edward, since they had some problems), and that we caught a glimpse of their lives after the respective HEAs. :-)


4 stars