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Lucky's Lady

Lucky's Lady - Tami Hoag
As wild and mysterious as the Louisiana swamp he called home, Lucky Doucet was a dangerously attractive Cajun no woman could handle. His solitary life left no room for the likes of elegant Serena Sheridan, but Lucky couldn't deny her desperate need to find her missing grandfather. He would help her, but nothing more—yet once he felt the lure of the flaxen-haired beauty, an adventurer like Lucky couldn't help playing with fire.

Serena felt unnerved, aroused, and excited by the ruggedly sensual renegade whose gaze burned her with its heat, but she did not dare tangle with a rebel whose intensity was overwhelming, who claimed his heart was off limits? Deeper and deeper they traveled into the steamy bayou, until with one electrifying kiss her resistance melted into liquid desire. And the devilish rogue found he'd do anything to make Serena Lucky's Lady.

A truly amazing book, with small problems with the plot, but the characters make up for it.

Lucky A.K.A Etienne is my type of hero - grouchy, anti-social, tortured, but still has that kind of charm that's near impossible to resist. His life hasn't been easy - even though his childhood was great, thing went downhill after that. It's not easy for him to trust, especially not women, he was betrayed one too many times. And now there's Serena - a woman that tempts him beyond reason.

Serena hasn't had it easy either. She left home, trying to put some distance between herself and her family, especially her twin sister, with whom she never really got along. Now her grandfather manipulated her into coming home and saddled her with the responsibilities she didn't want. And to add insult to injury she can't seem to stay away from Lucky.

As I already said, the suspense part is a small problem. It was too obvious, and not really suspenseful enough. Some parts were too clichéd. But that maybe has some other causes - I've been reading some truly great suspense book lately, and this suffers by comparison.

But even with that problem, it's still a great read.


4.5-5 stars