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Falke's Captive

Falke's Captive - Madison Layle,  Anna Leigh Keaton Beth Coldwell is a graduate student doing a research on animal genetics, working on tracking and tagging big cats in the wild.

She can't believe her luck when she manages to capture one.

Of course, Falke does turn out to belong to a local family, two of which she met a liked. Kelan and Reider are every woman's fantasy. And for some reason they want her.

Kelan and Reider know that they shouldn't start anything with the pretty Beth, but resisting her is beyond them. They'll just have to convince her to forget about the weird samples she took from Falke.

Unfortunately, I didn't like this book, the first one is much better IMHO. All the secrecy, subterfuge are really not to my tastes. And I simply couldn't like Beth. No matter how good Kelan and Reider are, they simply couldn't overcome my dislike for Beth.


2.5 stars