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Family First

Family First - Margaret Watson Kira McGinnis is a police department psychologist. She knows a lot about what it takes to make hardened cops open up about their problems and the nightmares that haunt them. But there is one cop in particular that simply won't cooperate - Detective Jake Donovan.

Jake really doesn't like psychologists - no matter how beautiful they are. But Kira is hard to resist. And it would've been easier if they could separate their personal lives from the job. However that seems impossible. Not only is Kira's brother getting into trouble, but someone broke into her office and looked at the files she keeps.

Kira has a lot on her plate - she is a single mother and the guardian of her (sometimes volatile) brother. She isn't ready for a relationship, especially when Jake himself is not always sure what he wants. And as a result he hurts her when he pulls away.

There were some things that were unnecessary: all that "mystery" about who broke into her office being the main one.

Kira and Jake are a good couple, but Jake's hesitation and the fact that he hurt her bothered me a bit.

I liked Kira's brother and his story - he's such a great guy. The daughter Lexie is so cute and amazing. And the dogs were good. :-)

All in all, a good story, but nothing special. I was more impressed by the secondary characters than by the main couple. And that's not how a romance book is supposed to be.


3.5 stars