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Driven To Distraction (Romantic Traditions) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 704)

Driven To Distraction (Romantic Traditions) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 704) - Judith Duncan Maggie Burrows isn't satisfied with her life. Her children are all grown up, the only one still with her is a teen and will soon be leaving for college. She has been divorced for over ten years and still she hasn't found someone to share her life with. And on top of everything some biker guy moved in the house next door. Of course after she calls the cops on him she finds out that he is an ex-cop and is one of the good guys.

Tony Parnelli is attracted to his new neighbor. But he has a lot of obstacles to overcome before they could be together.

I can't believe I'm typing this but I wish Tony was less understanding. He was a great guy, patient, generous, kind (of course he has a bad boy streak, but that makes him even more attractive). But Maggie kept rejecting him and he takes her back over and over again. I just wanted her to grovel a little.

So her husband left her and married a woman her junior, and she has insecurities and issues that are interfering with her life. But she kept hurting Tony and I started to hate her for that. And all the times that she kept changing her mind. Either be with him and stop that or dump him and leave him alone!!!!

At the end I finally let myself hope that she will at least beg him for forgiveness, but no dice. He just took her back.

And she spends a lot of time being miserable, not sleeping or eating, crying all the time. (I was having flashbacks to New Moon and Bella spending most of the book being depressed) It was incredible how she managed to ruin the otherwise promising book for me.

The rather generous rating comes from the fact that I liked Tony, and Maggie's daughter.


2 stars