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Archangel's Storm

Archangel's Storm  - Nalini Singh 4 stars

A good enough read, but unfortunately not as good as Raphael and Elena or Dmitri...

Jason, Raphael's spymaster, has a new assignment. Go to Neha's court and find out who killed her consort. But to do that, he has to swear a blood oath to Mahiya, Neha's cousin. That shouldn't be a problem, until he realizes that Mahiya is a woman of many secrets, and what better challenge for a spymaster can there be?

Mahiya needs help as well, Jason represents her last chance to become free. She knows that the angel with wings as dark as the night has no desire for love and eternity, but her heart simply refuses to listen. Jason is the first man to really want her as a woman, and not a way to Neha. Both of them know that what they have doesn't have the chance to last, but as they say: "The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of."

Now don't get me wrong, I do like the book a lot, but it simply lacks something to make it a five star read. Mostly it was the slower pace which failed to keep my attention 100%. Other than that, I can't really say what it is that bothered me, but it wasn't as good as the previous books. That is to say, I was more happy getting glimpses of Raphael, Dmitri and of course my beautiful, beautiful Illium... :D

Now, some quotes:

Dmitri and Honor:
“I keep expecting it all to disappear.”

“It won’t.” That was a promise he’d spill blood to keep. “Eternity or a single mortal lifetime, we’ll walk the road together.”

And some Jason and Mahiya:

Her fingers flexed on the railing. “Do I matter?” It was a question with so many nuances, he knew he caught but the bluntest edge. “In the grand scheme of your existence, does my life matter to you on any level?”

He was a man used to keeping secrets, but he knew at that instant that he had to answer this, or he risked losing something he wasn’t even aware he searched for. “Yes. You matter."


“The only songs in my heart were ones that made the Refuge drown in tears. So I stopped.”