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Too Hot To Sleep

Too Hot To Sleep - Stephanie Bond Nurse Georgia Adams isn't really satisfied with the way her relationship with Rob is going. Thinking to heat up thing between them, late one night she calls him. After all, phone sex may be the thing to finally force him into a more sexual relationship. But she dialed the wrong number!

Officer Ken Medlock was quite surprised by his midnight caller. He knows he should inform her that he's not her boyfriend, but he simply doesn't do it. And when he meets her the next day, he knows he should do whatever he can to win her over.

The premise sounded interesting (if completely unbelievable) and I decided to give the book a shot. Unfortunately I didn't like it that much.

Georgia was annoying me with her indecision when it came to Rob and Ken and which one she should choose. Ken should have told her the truth, it was bound to come out sooner or later.

But I liked Ken's dog Crash (or something like that, the name escapes me right now). :-)


2.5 - 3 stars