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Body Shots

Body Shots - Amber Skyze Summary:

Got tequila? Sierra does, and Reed isn't afraid to use it. He's determined to do shots on every inch of her skin, but Sierra has insecurities preventing him from exploring intimate areas. Her insecurities won't stop her from lavishing his body with the heady liquor though.

Ten years ago an accident tore Sierra Allen and Reed Walker apart. Now a chance encounter has them burning for each other. A bottle of liquor and a pool table has this duo ready to quench their thirsts with one night of body shots. But will one night be enough

Sierra's insecurities come from the scars she got in the said accident. Since she left Reed she hasn't been in a stable relationship - not only is she apprehensive but some men have been repulsed by the scarring and expressed themselves vocally.

I didn't like her. I get that she's got issues, but she deliberately hurt Reed - she wanted to sleep with him, but nothing more was allowed.

Granted, Reed is far from perfect himself - after their first night together he left her a note and split, and he didn't call for a week. But he was a guy who wanted her back desperately, he just wants to love and marry her. He's an okay hero.

Even if I put aside my dislike for Sierra, there's something about the book that's made it damn hard for me to finish it.

Everything is just too predictable, too stilted, and all the secondary characters are flat - the villain included.

So regretfully:


1.5 stars