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Redwood Bend

Redwood Bend - Robyn Carr Katie Malone and Dylan Childress have absolutely nothing in common. Dylan is a child actor turned Montana rancher and pilot. Katie is a widowed mother of mischievous twins. But when fate threw them together, they saw something in each other, something that said that just maybe they could be more.

Katie needs to change her life. She spent the last few months dating a man for whom she felt no attraction (he turned out to be gay). So she packs up and heads towards Virgin River and her brother Conner (hero of Hidden Summit). Along the way she gets a flat,luckily a motorcycle gang stops to help her. The moment she sees Dylan she is attracted to him. Of course, she is aware of the fact that nothing could happen between them, in fact they'll probably never see each other again. Fate can be tricky.

Dylan has done everything he could to change his life. After a close friend of his died from overdose, his grandmother took him away from the dazzling lights of Hollywood. He grew up into a fine and responsible man, but he is still wary of romantic relationships. After all, seeing how his parents (and his step-siblings) ruined their life, and mostly anything they touched, he does have his reasons. But resisting Katie and her boys is mighty hard.

Katie is a woman at whom life has thrown quite a few curveballs. Her husband was a soldier who was killed in the line of duty a month before she was due with their children. Then her brother saw a murder, and she had to relocate. And then the man she considered dating turned out to be gay. But despite all of that she stayed brave and optimistic. So when the opportunity came to be happy she took it with both hands. She's strong.

Dylan, as I already mentioned, is commitment phobic, but he never tried to deny that what he had with Katie was something special. And the way that he was with the boys was amazing.

There were some quite amazing scenes, especially the ones with the bears. :-)


And then there were some things I didn't like. Mostly the fact that when Katie found out she was pregnant she was actually considering not telling Dylan - I HATE secret baby plot. And no matter how much I liked Dylan, he still cant't hold a candle to Jack, Preacher and some other heroes from the series. So, IMO, the books suffers in comparison, on it's own, I probably would've liked it more.

I like the book. Both Dylan and Katie are great, and then there's the citizens of Virgin River (I love you, Jack! :-) ), and Andy and Mitch (Katie's sons) are so cute.


4 stars

*ARC received from NetGalley*