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The Key

The Key  - Lynsay Sands
Iliana Wildwood would do anything to escape from the depraved baron who sought her lands - including marrying a barbarian. Fleeing the highlands, Iliana was wedded to Duncan, laird to Dunbar Castle. Certainly, there was something about the virile warrior that made her weak in the knees - but something stank in the state of Scotland, and Iliana would not trust anyone until she'd discovered the source.

Determined therefore to resist her handsome husband, Iliana found a way to keep her secrets safe. Employing a belt of chastity, the spirited beauty managed to thwart the thane's advances. But then her husband changed his tactics and began a sensual assault that sent her intentions up in smoke. And as the air cleared, Iliana found it had been her heart she had locked away, and that this stubborn Scot had finally found..

I have to say that the book is certainly unusual.

Our hero, Duncan is a strange hero. Oh, he has all the characteristics of a one, he's handsome, brave, honorable. But the thing that sets him apart: he baths only twice a year - and as a result he stinks. Even when we're aware that most people in medieval times didn't bath regularly, the characters are usually uncommonly fond of bathing in most of the books. This one isn't.

And then there's the chastity belt. Haven't read something like it yet. Although I have to give it to Illiana - she has courage enough to stand up to her husband, even though he's the one with the power in their marriage.

The book is a good read, but a bit too silly for my taste. I know that's the point -it's supposed to be funny and light - but it's just too much. I found myself more annoyed at some points than truly amused.

And one more thing that bothered me is the big battle at the end. There was just something off about the whole thing.


3.5 stars