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Iced - Karen Marie Moning 5 stars

I have to admit I was a little anxious when I realized that Dani will be 14 in the book. And not only because of the whole I have Unseelie prince and whatever Ryodan is panting after me and I'm only 14!!! In the fever series I liked Dani, but wasn't too impressed. But she managed to win me over - completely!

The story goes like this: There is something evil in Dublin (you know besides all the Unseelie wandering around). It kills viciously and stealthily. It ices everything in it's path and leaves no survivors. But it made a mistake, going after something that belongs to Ryodan. That dude is vicious when crossed. He enlists Dani to help him. Not that she does so willingly. :D
“And I’m going to go in there why?” I can’t see a single reason to take such a risk. I like living. I like it a lot.

“Kid, Batman needs Robin.”

Dude. I go all soft and melty inside and swallow a dreamy sigh. Robin to his Batman! Superhero partners. There are lots of versions where Robin gets way stronger. He could have had me at hello if he’d said that first. “You don’t want me to work for you. You want a superhero partner. That’s a whole different story. Why didn’t you just say so?”

I really, really like Ryodan. He is as dangerous and alluring as Barrons, and yet different too. In Christian's words:
She thinks he’s not an animal like Barrons. That he’s more civilized. She’s right, he is more polished. But it only makes him more dangerous. With Barrons you expect to get fucked up royally. With Ryodan you don’t see it coming.
And then there's Christian. The unwilling Unseelie prince, who is going slowly, but steadily insane. He is truly messed up and at this point, my opinion isn't really formed. Knowing the man he was before (Fever books) and seeing the creature he becomes, well it's difficult to see. But, there is a core of goodness inside him, just not sure how long it will stay so.

And of course, Dani. As I already mentioned she is far more mature than I though. True, there are some moments when her youth is obvious (her naivete shines through), but life made her tough and strong. And she does have refreshing opinions. Before I forget - there is definitely more to her than meets the eye.

Oh yeah, one other great thing - the glimpses of Mac and Barrons:
Barrons is standing in front of Mac like a shield, and I allow myself a quick flash of a smile. Ryodan is right, I need to learn to hide what I’m feeling. She’s safe. She’ll always be safe with Barrons in the picture. I never have to worry about Mac. Just about what she might do to me one day. I’d rather worry about that than Mac, so essentially all is right with my world.
And a part that portrays Dani and Ryodan's relationship:
All the sudden Ryodan’s standing one inch away from me, hand under my chin, holding my face up to his. “You’ll never be just anything. A tsunami can never be ‘just’ a wave.”

“Get off my chin.”

“I like that about you. Waves are banal. Tsunamis reshape the Earth. Under the right circumstances, even entire civilizations.”

I blink.

“You’re going to be one hell of a woman one day, Dani.”

I never knew my jaw was flexible enough to hit the pavement. My arms aren’t even long enough to pick it back up. Catch flies in it, my butt, you could drive a truck in my mouth right now. Did Ryodan just, like, compliment me? Has hell frozen over? Are birds flying backward?

I loved the book, and really can't wait for Flayed!