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Lady Luck

Lady Luck - Kristen Ashley Ty Walker spent five years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. To say that he wants revenge is an understatement.


He had a lot of time to come up with a plan, all he needs is an alibi. Since he has trouble trusting women (after all the reason he ended up in jail is that a woman refused to give him an alibi), his plan is simple. Marry a woman, promise her a divorce and 50 000 $ so that she would lie and say he was with her. Calling in a favor from a pimp, he expected a prostitute or a junkie, what he got is Lexie.

This is the last time Lexie is doing anything for Shift (the pimp). She's cutting all the ties with him. Of course, she never suspected that this favor comes with a wedding ring. Oh, well.


But there is something about Ty that is so good. She believes that he is innocent, and is willing to help. Of course the thought of the money with which she could start a new life is tempting as well.


She just never expected to care for him. For all his gruffness, Ty is also kind. As witnessed when he bought her the bouquet at their wedding, just because she wanted it.


What neither of them expected is to fell like their sham of a marriage is real. Or to fall in love...

I like Lexie. Even after all the bad stuff life threw at her, she's still optimistic, and so goofy. And so enthusiastic about all kinds of things. I do get her appreciation of the car, though. :-)


Ty has had it rough too. Five years of his life were stolen by greedy and dirty cops. I understand him wanting revenge. I like how he is with Lexie. Even though he has trouble with women, he never took it out on Lexie. He was gentle and understanding with her. Of course, hating her would require him to be evil.

I like seeing all the residents of Carnal, Tate, Wood, Bubba and their spouses. :-)

I didn't care much for the shifting POVs. Going from Lexie's first person POV, to Tate's third, got old pretty soon. I much preferred the constant POV from the first 2 books in the series.

But what bothered me much more is Ty's language. Most of the time, I have no problems with swearing, even when it's excessive. But this was just too much. It jarred me out of the story over and over again. But the worst thing, he constantly referred to Lexie as "pussy" or "bitch", really? And this is not a complaint, but the nickname "mama" is not to my liking, "Duchess" and "Ace" were much better.

I liked their relationship, and I loved the epilogue. It fit the story perfectly and left me felling slightly euphoric. :-)

When I finished the book, I was also a bit sad knowing that there are no more books in the series. And then I found this on Ms. Ashley's website:
The Colorado Mountain Series will have at least three more books in the series.

Chace and Faye (from Lady Luck) will have their tale told and I hope to have this released by summer 2012.

Going back to Gnaw Bone (of The Gamble) we’ll follow the story of Graham Reese, introduced briefly in The ‘Burg Series, For You. The release of this title is to be announced.

This title may (or may not, depending on how the other stories hit me, I may not want to leave my mountains), conclude with Wood and Maggie (as seen in Sweet Dreams and Lady Luck)

Yay! That made me really happy. :D


3.5 stars