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Crimson Frost

Crimson Frost - Jennifer Estep 4.5 stars

Crimson Frost is the fourth book in the Mythos Academy series and it follows the life and adventures of Gwen Frost, an outsider in her school filled with kids who are descendants of mythical warriors, a Gypsy girl with a gift of psychometry, and of course Nike's champion.

It finally looks as if things might be slowing down. True, there is an evil God on the loose, but when on a date with Logan Quinn, a girl sure won't be thinking of those nasty stuff. Until everything kind of crashes.

And now she's accused of a crime she did not commit, judged (and abused by her peers), oh, and did I mention that the punishment for her "crimes" is death? It's definitely not easy being Gwen Frost.

I really like Gwen and her entire crew. The Valkyrie (and her Celt), the Spartans, even some of those girls from the first book are nice here. And of course, there's the awesomeness that is Logan - we learn a lot about him and his past in the book, and here I thought that he simply couldn't get more attractive. One more character that stood out is Alexei, the new (Russian) guy, simply cute (and deadly).

Of course, let's not forget the teachers, and especially Nickamedes, the librarian. He is actually one of my favorites. He's so grumpy, but it is also obvious that he cares for Gwen.

The plot itself is OK, although I guessed who the bad guy way too soon. There was suspense, and a bit of moments when I wondered how will Gwen manage to get herself out of such a mess.

However, the book didn't really wow me. There were no major things that bothered me, some smaller irritating stuff, yes. Mostly Logan being a martyr and Gwen who sometimes rushed when she should have stopped and thought it through. But the entire book failed to impress me, as a book with a five star rating should.

Don't get me wrong, I liked it a lot, and I'm anxiously waiting for the next one to come out. August 2013!!!!

All in all, a good edition to a great series!

ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley