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Girl on a Diamond Pedestal

Girl on a Diamond Pedestal - Maisey Yates Once upon a time, Noelle was a girl who had everything, an exceptional talent, adoring fans, time in the spotlight. And now it's all gone. Even before her mother ran off with all of her money, it wasn't perfect. All the stress of practicing the piano, the endless tours, it all took it's toll. Not only is she broke and soon to be homeless, but she can't even hear the music anymore. For a former child prodigy, it's painful.


Salvation comes in the unlikely form of one Ethan Gray. Ethan needs her so that he could wreck revenge on his father, who never had the time for his wife and child - instead he lavished attention on his mistress, who just happened to be Noelle's mother. He now has to show his grandfather that he's happily married so that he could get the family business. He didn't count on falling for Noelle.

His first hint that thing would not go as planed was his attraction to Noelle. And when she wore the red dress, well, he was a goner.

Noelle's dress, just picture her with blonde hair:


Or maybe this picture is better, just ignore the pigeons :D :


I liked how we could see Noelle becoming more confident, stronger. Ethan was there when she needed him, he supported her wholeheartedly.

And Ethan, so wary of relationships after watching the train wreck that was his parents' marriage. He did mess up (quite badly as a matter of fact, I wanted a more groveling *sniff*), but eventually they did come together.

Both of them tried hard not to let themselves care, Ethan more so than Noelle, but that's the way it usually goes. But it's hard to keep yourself apart when you're supposed to marry someone. They did everything they could to make the wedding as meaningless as possible, going to Vegas...


Noelle wanted to pick a leopard-print dress as a wedding dress (she didn't manage that, but she did find a skirt)


But even with that their wedding was romantic.

What I didn't quite understand is Ethan's grand plan. I know he wanted to show his father that he was the better man or whatever, but fooling his grandfather that way, it simply didn't sit well with me. And that showdown in the casino, he was so cruel to Noelle, definitely didn't grovel enough at the end.

All in all, an OK read, but not my favorite of Ms. Yates.


3.25 stars