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Defying the Odds

Defying the Odds - Kele Moon Melody came to the little town of Garnet to hide from her abusive ex-husband. She was charmed by the town and especially it's generous townspeople. She was just settling in, when she met Clay.

Melody's house

Who would've thought that one act of kindness (it was just a piece of pumpkin pie!) could change her life so dramatically.

Pumpkin pie!

Now she has this gorgeous fighter wanting to spend time with her. He's so nice and sweet, despite his appearance, and saying no to him is hard.

Clay is and UFC figther - that's Ultimate Fighting Championship for those unaware of this sport (I was one of them).He is sick and tired of fighting and especially all the media circus that surrounds it - he has his championship belt (actually several of them), he just wants to be left in peace. (It's incredibly gaudy, IMO :-))

UFC championship belt

He hasn't had much luck with women - they were all groupies, he never had a real relationship. And then he met Melody.

I like both Clay and Melody. Melody, who's good and strong, and still so optimistic even after all the bad stuff that happened to her. Clay, so sweet with her, always treating her with respect.

The only thing that I didn't like is the ending. That whole showdown in Vegas was too much. The way that the situation was resolved, something just didn't fit.

Las Vegas

And I would have liked to see more of their relationship. It was just too sudden.

Clay's siblings - Wyatt and Jules are amazing. I love them. I hope Ms. Moon writes their books.


4.25 stars