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The Power and the Glory

The Power and the Glory - Kimberly Lang The Marshalls . . .
A rich, powerful family that mixes business, politics . . . and pleasure. If the US had a royal family - this would be it!

Any red-blooded woman would kill to be handcuffed to political hog-shot Brady Marshall, but campaigner Aspyn Breedlove wants to raise awareness - not her own acute consciousness of those delicious, iron-hard muscles beneath Brady's expensive suit . . . .

Overnight she's an internet sensation, and in a shock move she's made part of the Marshall re-election campaign . . . . Aspyn hopes she can dance with the devil and create change from within. But what chance does she have when that devil is sex-on-legs Brady Marshall - and she wants to do considerably more than dance with him . . . ?

This is one of the rare examples when I actually increased the rating of the book after letting it rest for a while. Most of the time, I go back and lower it, after realizing that some things just make no sense, and that the hero did act like a douche bag after all.But this time, I understood their actions better after thinking it trough.

Aspyn is a truly optimistic person, full of ideals and hope for the entire world. Don't get me wrong, she's aware that the world is not a nice place, but she simply doesn't let it get her down. That's why her attraction to Brady is so unusual.

Brady is a politician trough and trough. Part of the famous Marshall clan, he never even thought about doing something else with his life. He even likes it most of the time, but sometimes he get disillusioned by the not so moral things he has to do. Case in point, Aspyn. He dislikes deceiving her, but what needs to be done... Of course, falling for her is definitely not a part of his plan, but he simply can't resist her. She's a breath of fresh air, after all the woman who want him for his money or pedigree.

The thing that bothered me when I first rated the book is Brady deception. He lies to her when her job is in question, but he continues to do so even after they start to sleep together. And it bothered me that Aspyn had to change so much, I kind of missed her joy in everything she did.

Of course, later I realized Brady simply didn't see it that way (and he did grovel nice :-)), and that Aspyn had to evolve. Those are the thing that made their HEA even more convincing.

All in all, an enjoyable book. I hope that Ms. Lang writes the story of the remaining Marshall brother, Finn.


4 stars