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To Cop A Kiss

To Cop A Kiss - Inez Kelley This is the first in the series of free short stories centered around a couple Dayna & Jace. The stories can be found here.

This isn't a continuous story, we see snippets of their lives together, from their first meeting, in this story, through most of the major holidays, meeting the families, and in the end the Proposal.

Jace is a cop, one that believes in his job. Dayna is a schoolteacher, not too happy with her life (or her a bit crazy family), but everything changes when she meets Jace.

And their pets are cute. Jace has a K-9 dog, and Dayna has a fat cat. :-)

All in all, I liked all of the stories, some more than others. I have to say there were some shocks along the way, but they did get their HEA. Unfortunately, the dog didn't. It was so unfair, I don't see why he had to die. :-(

Rating for the entire series:

4 stars