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Hard Mated

Hard Mated - Jennifer Ashley A great addition to a remarkable series!

Spike is a jaguar tracker for the shifter clan. He is also a champion fighter. His entire world changes when he learns that he has a son. Suddenly, there's a 4 year old boy who needs his dad. Luckily he has help, in form of Jordan's honorary aunt, Myka.

Myka doesn't want to get involved with the shifter. She is content with her life, barring the loneliness. But meeting Spike (Eron) finding out about the man he is, it changes things.

I like Eron, he is a great hero, a bit tortured, fierce, but also protective and loving. Myka is a woman scarred by her past, but capable of so much love. And Eron certainly deserves it.

And the best part, Jordan. He is so damn cute, there was a plethora of awww ... moments, especially the interaction between father and son.

I'm pretty sure that the big cat on the picture is actually a female, but we can just imagine that it's a male, right? :D


4.5 stars